Ch00: More of the worst.

Games Played:  Rainbow Six: Seige, Dota 2, Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal, Overwatch <beta>

Games Beat:  Rainbow Seige

Emer’s post started off with solid logic,  my first post should be a list of the 199 games that I have in my Steam library that I just refuse to play for some stupid reason.  Like Emer, I too am a game hoarder….but…Unlike Emer, I’m not intimidated by all the things, instead…I’m lazy.  Thinking about that is kind of sad and to be honest having this blog with Emer will encourage me to be less lazy.  I’m hoping to find more motivation to play, finish and post a final thought on the games i play.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this with a fellow gamer or movie goer but i never really found the same person to say “hell ya, that sounds like fun!”.  Thanks Emer!

I’ve always admired Emer’s rule about never purchasing a new game until you’ve finished all the games in your library…then the Steam sales come around and i feel my wallet hurt the next couple of days.

no steam no comicI hope to buy less, play more and write reviews.

Emer recently gifted me a game (I’m going to say for Christmas): Rainbow six: Siege.  I have been watching a lot of streamers play this game and the strategy aspect of the game intrigued me more than the first person shooter aspect of the game.  I told Emer that I was really interested in the game and she said that the game was coming her way and she had no interest in playing.  Of course, I jumped all over it… like it went on a steam sale (see what i did there? har!).

I fired the game up and instantly learned how challenging this game was going to be…when you die on the first level three times, you know it’s going to be the WORST .  As I adjusted to the controls and stopped laying down when i meant to crouch, the game got a bit easier and head-shots came a lot quicker.

I’m not going to review Siege because I found that the game was preparing you for the PVP play which the game is heavily based around.  You can tell that the single player missions were tutorials for what you could expect in the PVP servers.

When Emer spoke about learning and improving your game by watching other people play a game, I totally agree.  I was watching a streamer that was accepted into the Overwatch beta.  When Blizzard opened up the servers for a (large community) stress test, I was invited and i found i picked up the game mechanics quicker because i was heavily involved in watching the streamer in the days earlier.

Keeping on the topic of Blizzard, Emer and I’s friendship started in the great World of Warcraft or “WoW” (that worked out better that i thought it would in my head).  We were in the same guild together and noticed that our interests and personalities aligned inside and outside of the gaming world.

When I wasn’t playing WoW with Emer and the guild, I was always immersed in Dota and Dota2 (when it eventually came around).  I took about a 6-7 month break from the game but I recently started playing it again with renewed interest (out of no where).  I think what I love about the game is the fact that, every game can be different even though you can see the same heroes.  The outcome of the game can always change or be changed because of the real life people controlling the characters.  I’ve always been a strategy buff that likes working in a team to solve problems or issues.  I don’t always need to be on a team mind you, but I like the fact that someone can always shine a light on something that you might not have seen or missed.

Speaking of teamwork and problem solving…  Emer and I should revisit Portal2 and write a blog post about each level.  From what i remember about the first time we ran through it, every level had some laughs.  Either we killed each other with portals… or we were shot in the bacl by bots because we didn’t see them behind the wall.  Great times.

I think the first review that I will be writing about is Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal.  The game can be described like a real time strategy game where the buildings and weapons are a direct extension from your base.  I don’t want to spoil too much but I am liking the creative angle that game developers took with this game and look forward to sharing it with anyone that will read these posts.

As Emer concluded…This is going to work!  The games will be owned 1 title at a time…even if I think it’s the worst.



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