Ch00: Ch00 who?

Games Played: The Division Games Beat: The Division Hey Everyone, remember me?  What?  So fast to forget?  I know I’ve been a bad blogger about what games I’ve been playing and supposedly finishing. I apologize to everyone that got their hopes up for Mirror’s Edge…I don’t think it’s happening (right now!).  I got sucked into Dota 2 […]


Ch00: LAN Party

Games Played: Dota 2, Rocket League, Shell Shock, King Arthur’s Gold, Games Finished: None Yes, yet another week where i didn’t play Mirror’s Edge.  By the time that i ire the game back up I’m going to have to replay the tutorial and fail that stupid jump 16 times before i can move on. I’m going […]


Ch00: Dota 2 & Warcraft

Games Played: Dota 2 (this will be here all year long i think!),  Minecraft Games Finished: none Yea…I failed people.  “Play Mirror’s Edge” I said, “it’ll be fun” I said… NOPE! I must have played enough Dota 2 this past week to complete 2 full play-through of other games I own. I have a really large history […]