Ch00: LAN Party

Games Played: Dota 2, Rocket League, Shell Shock, King Arthur’s Gold,

Games Finished: None

Yes, yet another week where i didn’t play Mirror’s Edge.  By the time that i ire the game back up I’m going to have to replay the tutorial and fail that stupid jump 16 times before i can move on.

I’m going to keep this weeks update kind of short because i don’t have much to update about…

I went to a LAN party yesterday with a lot of college buddies that I still keep in touch with.  There are about 10 of us that show up to this outing, so it makes for interesting games and most importantly, even teams!  The game of the party was: Rocket League.

For people that are not familiar with Rocket League, it’s pretty simple to explain the game play.  Soccer with cars….WITH ROCKETS STRAPPED TO THE BACK!  the entire dynamic revolves around the rockets that are strapped to the back of each vehicle and the ball that has the physics of a beach ball.

I went into this party with maybe 10 hours of game-play under my belt..  Not very good.  I knew that whomever was going to be placed with me was going to have a very frustrating time.  Sure enough, i was teamed up with a player that had the 2nd most time played in the game (which is good).  As a 2v2 team, we ended up 5th (dead last) because the games consisted of me missing every shot while my teammate was forced to pick up the slack.  Whenever he missed or couldn’t pick up the slack, we would get scored on.  I don’t think I’ve felt more useless in my gaming career.  I don’t struggle picking up most games, but this game, I feel, is the bane of my existence…it doesn’t mesh well with me.

Shell Shock was the other game that we played where i had much better success.  I was in my element of guess-timating.  If anyone is familiar with Tank Wars from time passed, Shell Shock is very similar with a twist of Worms Armageddon.  You need to guess how hard you have to shoot your tanks projectiles at the enemies at the same time as picking the right angle.  I will answer the question that you are thinking about…NO, i didn’t need anyone to pick up my slack.  I was able to pull away 3 victories where i was the last man standing (out of 8 players).  I think we might have played 10 games total?  Fun game,  I recommend the pick up if you are looking to kill some quick time.

The Last game that we played at the LAN Party was: King Arthur’s Gold.  This is my favorite LAN party game, especially when you have a lot of players (more than 6).  It’s a 2D side scroller where there are 3 classes;

  • Warrior
    • tank that has a sword and shield.  Mostly built for offense and killing
  • Builder
    • building structures and traps for the enemy.  Capable of making workshops for the other classes on your team (they can upgrade their weapons at these buildings).
  • Archer
    • agile climber that can shoot arrows at the enemy and grapple walls to climb over enemy structures.

After everyone starts to re-learn the controls of the game, the excitement of stealing the enemies flag gets intense!  You need to avoid all of the warriors and archers that are trying to kill you, all while trying to steal the other teams flag and transport it back to your base.  I mainly play the builder class trying to build structures and traps for the enemy, I want to make it impossible for them to even get to our teams flag.  There nothing like watching an enemy climb a structure only to fall into a bunch of spikes I’ve laid on the floor (on the other side).

Anyways, that’s my report in…not very long…not very good.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and I’m still going to try and play my way through my games!  I just might need to pick another game i actually WANT to play…

I might think about shelving Mirror’s Edge for a bit…see if changing games might spark new interest?  I’m scared about that because in 10 days, The Division is officially released and my posts will contain updates about my adventures in that game.

Lots to think about…

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