Month: January 2016

Emer: Snowday

Games Played: Oceanhorn, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, Tales from the Borderlands Games Finished: Oceanhorn, Lego Harry Potter We had a blizzard this weekend, you see. On Thursday they told us we would get less than 2 inches of snow. On Friday, they said maybe 6. When all was said and done on Sunday we […]


Emer: I beat a game.

Games Played: WoW, New Super Mario Brothers, Oceanhorne Games Finished: New Super Mario Brothers I have a confession to make. I nearly cheated. If you are the actual worst at Super Mario Brothers and fail a certain number of times (not in the same place, just die in general), you are greeted with a green […]


Ch00: Hard Reset

Games Played: Dota 2, Hard Reset, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Games Finished: NONE I find it fitting that the first game that I decide to really get involved in as a full play through is Hard Reset. I think it represents what Emer and I are trying to do with the games that we own and need to […]