Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal

I said in my previous post that I was playing a game called: Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal.  It’s a low budget indie, RTS(?) game (from the looks of it)…Actually, Steam says it is, so it must be!

I am really enjoying this game.

Unlike other RTS games where you need to think about every angle, this one allows you to plot a course and see the obstacles in front of you.  Other popular RTS titles like to hide what the enemy is creating and sending towards you.  This game has the enemy named “creeper” and if there are any Starcraft fans out there, we all know this as purple goo that spreads across the ground.  Every map is different and the “creeper” starts from specific points on the map and spreads the creeper at a specific interval rate (outwards).  Our job is to plot a course of weapons and control points that allow us to push the creeper backwards.  All buildings and ammo are centralized from the command center(s) that you decide to place on the map at the start.  When a new structure is created it must connect back to original command center(s).  The command center then sends multiple packages down the connected lines to either start construction or provide ammunition to the building!creeper


Here is some game-play of my latest map:

I’m about 25% into the game and every map is taking me over 1 hour to complete…  I’m not sure how may more reviews i will write about this game, but I’ll be sure to give you guys status updates on my progress as I start other game adventures.  I feel this is a great lazy game, but i think i need to make a dent in some other story based games.

At the top of my Steam library of un-played games:

Hard Reset

From the looks of it, it’s a DOOM-esk game where the sole purpose is to cause mass destruction and blow the living SNOT out of everything you see.  I think i will hop into that game and start providing updates of my experiences in the game as I play though it.  When I finish the game, i think i will summarize my thoughts from the previous posts to give everyone my honest opinion about the game.  I think this is also the best approach to keep me engaged in the game while keeping me honest about blog posts.

Anyways, can’t wait to see what Emer has cooking for this week and hopefully my update will be more action packed then my less-than-exciting update on Creeper World: Arc Eternal this week…

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