Month: June 2016

Emer: 6 months in

Games Played: Happy Street, Overwatch, The Sims 4 Games Beat: None   I’m excellent at making plans, and far less excellent at following through. “I’m going to play a chapter of Alien: Isolation a day!” I told Ch00. “It’ll only take me 2 more weeks to finish!” That has not happened. What has happened is […]


Emer: Sneaky, sneaky.

Games Played: The Sims 4, Harvest Moon, Trade Nations, Happy Street, Overwatch, Alien Isolation Games Beat: None I’m this close to knocking Trade Nations off the list, having attained level 10 and finding it’s just more of the same. Happy Street will be soon after. I’ll consider these marked as complete on a technicality, the […]


Emer: Shhhhhhh

Games Played: Overwatch, Alien:Isolation, Sims 4, Trade Nations, Happy Street Games Beat: None I don’t have an excuse. Well, ok, so here’s what happened: The only thing I wanted to play ever again was Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which I have already beat, wait for it, three times. THREE. And yet, I wanted to play again. […]