Emer: 6 months in

Games Played: Happy Street, Overwatch, The Sims 4

Games Beat: None


I’m excellent at making plans, and far less excellent at following through. “I’m going to play a chapter of Alien: Isolation a day!” I told Ch00. “It’ll only take me 2 more weeks to finish!”

That has not happened. What has happened is I’ve been playing the shit out of a stupid freemium game (ok Happy Street is actually a well done freemium game, similar to Tiny Tower in the sense that you really don’t need to spend real money to make real progress), playing the Sims 4 (finally had 2 boys in the family, and RNG says the girl is going to be the damn heir. For god’s sake), and playing Overwatch. I still will only play Overwatch with friends, and one night last week…

Well, the matchmaking system was working. Our teams were evenly matched, trading control over and over again. And I got a career best 43 kills on Junkrat. Everything clicked and I knew what to do and when. AND I HAVE NEVER FELT THAT WAY AGAIN why why why.

In this is going to seem unrelated but actually isn’t news, I spent all day Monday cleaning the hell out of my apartment. I mean, it was tidy, but now it’s SPARKLING. I scrubbed the floors, cleaned the fridge, moved the bed and vacuumed the dust. And I did that because I’ve been feeling scattered, sad — and it turns out a super tidy environment really helps me sweep those blues away. And then, you see, I’ll play more.

It probably says something that after finishing cleaning all I wanted to play was DA:I, but really all that happened was I collapsed in a sad heap on my bed and tonight am so sore that I can barely move because apparently hauling furniture and scrubbing the floor on hands and knees is not conducive to feeling well.

So, till next time…

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