Emer: Sneaky, sneaky.

Games Played: The Sims 4, Harvest Moon, Trade Nations, Happy Street, Overwatch, Alien Isolation
Games Beat: None

I’m this close to knocking Trade Nations off the list, having attained level 10 and finding it’s just more of the same. Happy Street will be soon after. I’ll consider these marked as complete on a technicality, the technicality being they’re freemium and I’m only playing them as an exercise in self-discipline.

Put like that, though, it seems as though my self discipline is crashing and burning. WHATEVER.

In real games news, Heir of generation 6 is all grown up in the Sims 4, meaning it’s time to start generation 7! Please, sims, I’m so sick of female babies give her little boys please please please. 3 more generations to go before this one gets marked as done, complete, caput.

I continue to be bad at Alien Isolation because sneaking goes against every fiber of my being. Ready for a digression? Ok, so, I live in a very sweet little cottage in the outer limits of the Cape. I’m surrounded by a mix of people, and down the street are a few folks that I’m very wary of. A few months ago, I woke up at 4 in the morning to Baxter barking wildly and someone talking outside: I live on a dead end dirt road, so it was unlikely just a walker, but could still have easily been something innocent.

All the same, the other day I woke up to Baxter barking wildly again and in my half dreaming state thought I saw the silhouette of a person against the (open) screen door. Could have seen it: there are street lights outside close enough that it’s never full dark. Could have been dreaming, and Baxter was barking at a fox, coyote, raccoon, thing that goes bump in the night.

Anyhow, what did I do? I got up, closed my eyes, walked to the door and closed it. Because that’s not asking to get murdered in my sleep or anything! What I’m saying is I have the survival instincts of an ant and would be the first person to die in a horror movie because I’d insist on walking into danger instead of hiding like a rational person. So, natch. Alien is slow. I’ve committed to a chapter a night, and am on chapter 6 of 18. It’s kind of tortuous but in 2 weeks I’ll be done and that’s a good thing!

I’ve also picked Harvest Moon back up — I was close to giving up on it but just needed a long break and an attitude readjustment (no, I don’t HAVE to give a gift to every villager every day ffs) and am back to being charmed by the slow, sweet pace of it. Games that force you to wait, and not just to tempt you into microtransactions, are good games.

And then there’s overwatch, wherein I will still only play with friends and pretty much only want to play support even though I know there’s a need to branch out and be able to play multiple classes. Lucio, though.

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