Emer: Shhhhhhh

Games Played: Overwatch, Alien:Isolation, Sims 4, Trade Nations, Happy Street

Games Beat: None

I don’t have an excuse. Well, ok, so here’s what happened: The only thing I wanted to play ever again was Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which I have already beat, wait for it, three times. THREE. And yet, I wanted to play again. And did. For like two months. And my shame was so great…

I haven’t felt like doing ANYTHING else. No other game called me. But I’m feeling guilty and determined to continue this project and so let’s hold myself accountable. Of course, the minute I thought about writing one of these posts I immediately decided to play all the games, so I guess it works.

I must confess: I broke the rules and bought Overwatch. I love this game. I love the sounds, the graphics, the little details, the banter (or insults) traded between heroes, the trash talk between friends. I love this game. But i really only ever want to play when friends are playing, and even then only for a couple of hours at a time. It’s perfect for me. I’ll … likely never play ranked. But I enjoy it all the same. I’ve watched so many hours of people playing that my lack of skill only sets me back, say, a mile instead of five miles from the rest of the pack. I’m a damn fine support though.

I’ve found a renewed interest in the Sims 4, where I’m raising generation 6 to be fine upstanding members of simsociety. The key, I’m finding, is to buy an enormously expensive house and then every 20k simoleans earned or so I refurnish a room. My current house is beautiful, but it’s time to upgrade!

On the other hand, as some sort of punishment for my DA:I playing ways, I decided I did have to play my freemium games and so dutifully downloaded Trade Nations and Happy Street onto my computer. They’re sweet little games that mostly I pop open for half an hour, collect gold, start a few buildings and shut down. I figure I’ll give each of them till level 10 in game and then check them off my list with a clear heart. Punishment served.
What I can’t check off my list with a clear heart, however, is Alien:Isolation. I don’t like this game. It’s not the fear factor, I can live with that, it’s the sneaking. I am Not. Good. at sneaking games. I literally set myself an hour timer, chip away, and then give it up for another day. Problem is, I am enjoying the story and want to know what happens, so I have to keep playing. I still do like the chunky retro feel of it, and the tension levels are well done (especially given you won’t know the alien’s gonna kill you till you have a spike in the chest), but it’s a slog.

This week I want to get closer to crossing off a couple of games. Gonna recharge my DS and get back to Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and oh jesus help me Spirit Tracks! Four more generations and the Sims 4 is done, Wind Waker is probably 1/3rd done. What I need is a rainy Sunday and no chores and off I go.

So I’m back!

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