Ch00: Destined to grow a Tooth and Tail…

Games Streamed: Tooth and Tail

Games Played: Destiny: Rise of Iron, The Division, Tooth and Tail, Dota 2

Games Finished: Destiny: Rise of Iron

It’s been a while old friends… I have let myself and Emer down on my dedication to this blog. I have no good excuse on why I haven’t posted an update for the past 8 months?!?! (That’s actually….the worst!) Nothing like a new year to re-ignite the spark of updating to this page.

I’ve been occupying a lot of my time playing a game called Tooth and Tail. This game is still in Alpha but the multi-player is very polished.

The game creators have given the game this description:

Tooth and Tail is what we call an Arcade-style Real-Time Strategy Game – which means that it’s easy to learn, simple to control, and quick to play (5-12 minute matches). TnT is a game for people who want to focus on strategy, not micro. More real-time chess, less competitive cow-clicker.

The community surrounding this game is very strong and seems to revolve around getting better and having fun. These are 2 things that I have always carried with myself when playing games…. I think that’s why I stuck around with World of Warcraft for long. I always wanted to be the best tank or healer that I could be…

I think I will plan to play more games for myself this year…Try to make it fun for myself again! Perhaps I should get Overwatch so that I can hang out with the person that posts the most for The Actual Worst! (EMER!)

During the steam sale, I purchased a game called Astroneer...This game looks like it could create wondrous co-op adventures for Emer and myself. I’m hoping that I can convince her to brake her no game purchasing rule for me 🙂

Also, on that note (Emer): We should fire up Forced in the new year and try our hand at insane co-op communication!

That’s all I have for now but I’m hoping that I can stay true to updating on a more frequent basis! Emer is an inspiration… it’s just too bad that I’m so lazy!

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