Ch00: Dota 2 cont…

Games Played: Dota 2 , NDA Beta
Games Finished: none

I’m sorry gang…I’ve let everyone down again!  I’ve had a real itch to get back into Dota 2 recently and it really came out of nowhere!

I left you last time with a story about how I formed a clan and developed a friendship with a lot of new people and gamers.  Well, when Dota 2 was in beta (basically an open beta).  The entire original crew came back with full force to play this game.  These same people would consistently be on to play a game of Dota 2, just like it was in the original Dota days.

For a solid year this was the “main” game!  It was fantastic and everyone was having a blast.  As the game matured it started growing a bigger and bigger fan base (yet AGAIN!).  Valve did such a great job with The International tournament.  I think it was the first tournament (ever?!) to offer a $1,000,000 prize pool.  It was the buzz in the eSports community.  Every year the tournament has grown bigger and bigger…showing how much of an impact the community has on the resulting prize pool.

In 2015, the prize pool totaled more than US$18 million, of which US$16.4 million was contributed by players


Insane!!  This is why i think i love Dota 2 so much…even though the environment within the game can me toxic, overall, the community makes up for the bad seeds.

Currently, it is the Winter battle pass event that is running.  This is an event that is gearing up for the next major tournament for Dota 2, which is occurring in Shanghai.  What’s so special about this event (you ask)?  Well, they have models (skins) that are created by the community  (and valve?  I think) that look extremely cool.  I’ve never really been a player that is concerned about how a character looks in-game but I think this game has done it right! LOOK!


There are also challenges that test your ability within each game. For instance, i just completed the last quest for the “Path of the Patron” (support) quest line, which was: “With Lich, cast a Chain Frost that bounces on heroes at least 6 times“.  An average person wouldn’t think that’s not anything special if that ability bounces.  The catch is, it bounces to different enemy entities and is completely RANDOM.  For that ability to hit 6 different enemy HEROES is a real challenge…  Oddly enough, i completed the quest on my first attempt which i thought was going to be impossible!!!

Anyways…I hope this entry satisfies your gaming appetite a little longer while i build up my motivation to play Mirror’s Edge again.

I leave you with art, courtesy of Hya (Dota 2 gaming buddy) who completed this art on my request.  The character is Slark from Dota 2 (one of my favorite characters).

“Commmmmon, I won’t Hurt you! “Voice clips

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