Emer: OH HO a return

Games Played: WoW, Sims 4, KOTOR, Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Games Beat: None


(got too lazy to color. I’m out of practice, so SUE me. And yes, that’s how sims give birth in a hospital in the Sims 4. With a machine. That pokes at them like a candy claw).


It’s been a bit. It’s not that I haven’t been playing games, it’s more that I’ve just been playing WoW. Like, obsessively, as I always do with a new expansion. So let’s start there: Legion is great. It’s well written, class halls are very smart, the changes to combat and game play are solid. Classes play well, dungeons are interesting and the first raid is quite good.

And yet the same problems as I always have with WoW are still there: there’s no end. I am not interested in mythic raids — my life is not such that I can deal with learning an encounter for a few weeks, nor is that fun. I like playing with my friends, but my friends want to do mythic. And…and I am out of the house from 8:30-7 nearly every day; giving up 3 hours to raid isn’t really on the books for me right now. So. WoW…I may be writing a eulogy again for you soon, and knocking you onto the finished pile.


Also played: KOTOR on the iPad. I bought a controller we had in stock, and that made the game approximately 8000% better. Seriously, where was this thing when I was playing Limbo? Anyway, I’m not very deep into the game and I find it a little overwhelming soon but I remember when I first started playing Dragon Age: Origins and felt completely lost and gave up three times before I stuck with it, and that’s one of my favorite games. Likewise, Mass Effect. Bioware games just have that hump for me, I suppose. I remain confused by Kaiden Alenko’s voice coming out of my companion, who is a total pita. Just like Kaiden, really.


Animal Crossing is still the same, still adorable and sweet and fun but not all that exciting. I stopped making myself go to the island all the time to make as much money as quickly as I can. Instead, I just slowly amass enough to pay for my loan, and then switch the DS to Mario.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a much better game than I gave it credit for initially. It’s very, very funny, and appropriately challenging at times (for a game where you mostly jump to attack, that is), and quite long. I hear that all the RPG Marios are great, and some day when I can buy games again I’ll give the others a try.


Sims 4: I’m on generation 9, guys. I thought I was there before but then I recounted and realized I was only on generation 8 — which was a bummer. Generation 9’s heir is evil, so that’s going to be fun, but I just need to find her a match and have her have a kid and voila, Sims 4 technically done. I’ll probably still play it here or there because it’s fun and addictive and sweet, but never again will I need to stick with one family for TEN GENERATIONS who thought this was a good idea.


Oh. Me.


Well, I thought this whole experiment was a good idea and I’ve only finished like 2 games, so just never listen to me.


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