Emer: Keeps dragging me back.

Games Played: WoW, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario and Luigi Dream Team

Games Finished: None


No picture this week because this week is NaNo and I’m very busy indeed, writing 1667 words a day, playing WoW because I don’t want to let the side down, and working, and working out, and trying to do a bunch of things on my to do list every day. I guess if I don’t schedule it, drawing for the blog doesn’t happen (although other drawing does). No great loss, I KNOW.

So, anyway, WoW is smart and knew there was a lot of nostalgia for people coming back this expansion, and so they released…Karazhan. As a 5 man mythic (no mythic+) dungeon. Let me just give you a minute to let that sink in.






Don’t think I’m unhappy about this. To me, this is the smartest thing blizz has ever done. It’s not like they just retuned the bosses and reopened the gates, either. Some of the old faithful are there — Moroes, Opera (with new bosses, but after you beat them, you can see the old bosses hanging out backstage; you can even get Big Bad Wolf to yell his catch phrase, begrudgingly)  Maiden, Attumen and Midnight, Netherbane, Curator, Chess (Kind of). But there’s also new bosses, and I’m going to have some spoilers here for a second. You fight things in a slightly different order, but the first half ends at Curator, just as it did in the old days. Once you beat Curator, you go through a portal and …

You’re upside down, on the ceiling. Below you is the same room we used to traipse through all those years ago, complete with the mana wyrms and elementals. This is very, very disorientating but also very, very cool.

Speaking of disorientating, after killing the Shade of Medivh, you drop through a very strange tunnel and find yourself…tiny. Tiny. And you fight one of those mana wyrms, who is now A. Boss.

It’s great. It’s so fun, and Blizzard should just do this all the time. Forget raids. Go away, raids.


Animal Crossing got an update this week, and I invested in an NFC reader so I could use my amiibo Wolf Link to get a Wolf Link villager and omg. I haven’t gotten the reader yet, but I am so excited to try it out. I have interest in the game again!


Harvest Moon, on the other hand, I’m not so thrilled with — I just unlocked Town Restoration Plan 5, at the end of which I will consider myself Finished With the Game but I… don’t want to. I feel done already. But, I will persevere, bit by bit.


And that’s it from me this week!



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