Emer: There’s a good boy.

Games Played: Harvest Moon, Mass Effect 3, FF:RK
Games Beat: none


I’m playing ME 3 with an unblinking obsession. I’m determined to get the “good” ending (don’t worry, I already know what that means in ME 3 terms) and also I’ve cried about seventeen times already. Thane made me sad because I loved Thane, but you know, Mordin Solus gave me ugly crying face levels of tears. “I would have liked to study the seashells…” oh, MORDIN. I also had a very bad moment where I lost 2 hours of playtime because I thought I locked myself out of progress sensitive missions only to get to the same point and realize I hadn’t. Argh. Regardless of my feelings about the ending, which I want to experience in full, this is a very good game. The sense of urgency, of helplessness, of loss are real.

I’ve nearly finished the second season of year 1 of harvest moon. This is a long game, everybody. But I’ve finally started to give in on the need to finish everything right now right this instant and start to take a few deep breaths and realize that the game will end regardless of me doing everything or not, and so I should just enjoy it as it lasts. And, anyway, there are dogs.
Here’s the thing. You give me a dog in a game, and I will love that dog and adore that dog and go out of my way to say hello to the dog multiple times. In Mass Effect, I go traipsing down to the cargo bay to talk to Vega or Cortez, TECHNICALLY, but mostly to say hi to Kei-9 and stand in his way till he flops over at my feet. Adoringly. The adoration part might be in my mind. On the flip side, if there’s a chance of the dog dying? I won’t play (sorry, The Division, you just got kicked right off my list, along side many Fallout games). I can’t handle it. I just realized the dog probably dies in Harvest Moon too because cows only live for three years, so surely dogs die too and no. Just, no.

My monster of a coworker just pointed at the dog from Harvest Moon and said he had the perfect head to be shot at in Division. Surrounded by heartless jerks.

I’m going to be honest here: I’m on the verge of giving up on FF:RK (note its absence on my 15-minute drawing this week) Wait, no, hear me out, I’m not just getting bored. The thing I just figured out is that to continue to progress I have to break each character’s level cap. Ok, fine. But the only way to get some level caps is through special events. And those events are 1 time only. So. You know. I either have to start fresh with a new team (minus all the extras you get for completing dungeons the first time) or consider breaking one level cap a win and wiping this one off the list. I figure I’ll get the last four characters in my party to level cap and see if I misunderstood that, and if not — well, the number of hours I put into this freemium game will count.

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